Feng Shui with Linda Mundt

We are thrilled that our friend and Madison-based Feng Shui consultant, Linda Mundt, is able to be a part of our Annual Open House on September 10, 2011. Not only is Linda a full-time Feng Shui and color consultant, but she has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and recently completed her 500 YTT with Scott Anderson.

Linda will be part of our free mini classes during our Open House festivities but will also give a longer presentation later that afternoon. She is also available Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning (September 11-13) for private consultations. Visit her website or read more below for more information and photos of some of the spaces she's helped transform: www.lindamundt.com.

Feng Shui Presentation at Ashland Yoga Studio, Saturday, September 10

When we are grounded, a world opens to us: we stop multi-tasking. We can locate our keys and glasses. People are attracted to us as are resources. When others are grounded, we stand in awe of them and are attracted to them. What creates peaceful grounding?

In the home there are seven things. This talk will focus on most of them, along with plenty of visuals to illustrate the points. Questions are welcome.

Saturday, September 10, 2011
$5 per person

Private consultations with Linda
Limited openings available--call 608-255-0651 to book your home or business consultation
Linda begins with a simple conversation explaining what feng shui really is and how it works. (It is NOT about what's in the feng shui books.) Your intentions for the space you inhabit are of primary importance, and they will be discussed at this time.

The consultation includes looking at the entire property, including out buildings, with special emphasis on the front door and the front of the house. Working with the ba gua (feng shui floor plan), the elements, your paths and power points, the goal will be to fill your space with three things: relationship chi, health chi, and power & wealth chi, depending on what you request.

Linda is available for private consultations on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning (she must be on the road by 1 p.m. on Tuesday). A consultation probably will be between 3-5 hours depending on the size of your space and what you are seeking. Please call Linda directly at 608-255-0651 to set up and appointment or for more information. Her web site includes lots of great before and after photos as well as specific information about what she is able to cover and assist with: www.lindamundt.com.


Living room

BedroomYoga Studio

More photos at www.lindamundt.com

About Linda

Linda Mundt has been a full time Feng Shui practitioner for the past 7 years. She works throughout the United States and Europe, with special emphasis on Wisconsin and Naples, Florida. And although she studied with two masters (Karen Kingston and Jackie Patricia), she considers that her 38 years of yoga and meditation have been her truest teachers. More about Linda at www.lindamundt.com

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