Member Spotlight: Nancy Brede

Nancy on a 2013 Adventure Chica yoga and wellness retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Nancy on a 2013 Adventure Chica yoga and wellness retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

We love our members. Really--they are some of the coolest, most fun people we know. So we've decided to share with the world what makes them so special over the next couple of months. We're starting with Nancy Brede, one of our original members at Ashland Yoga Studio, and most loyal clients. In fact, in the spring of 2013, she went with Charmaine and 10 other women all the way to Costa Rica for a yoga and wellness retreat! Nancy is not only smart and fun-loving, but loves the outdoors and travel. She brings laughter and a healthy sense of humor to every class. We're lucky to have you, Nancy!

SPOT: What brought you to The Spot?
Nancy Brede: I had a great experience at Ashland Yoga Studio with Yoga and TRX. The abundant new space and variety of classes enticed me and I was able to find my ultimate workout routines. 

S: What is your favorite class?
NB: Yoga is my favorite class. When everything gets crazy, out of balance and I can’t fit anything more in my life, yoga makes it all fine!

S: Do you have a favorite workout song?
NB: I don’t have a favorite. All the instructors have good playlists and I get to experience lots of different music. I enjoy all the variety.

S: What keeps you coming back to The Spot?
NB: All the people---instructors, workout buddies and making new friends--and very good workouts that make me feel good.

Ice-fishing on the US Canada border in 2015.

Ice-fishing on the US Canada border in 2015.

S: Has The Spot helped you develop other fitness or wellness goals? 
NB: Yes. Making a commitment to being active every day and being accountable to my commitment.

S: What do you most appreciate about The Spot that maybe you weren’t expecting?
NB: Making new friends. Watching wonderful people come to The Spot transform their bodies and their lives. That is so inspiring to me. Also, great instructors that are very dedicated and inspiring.

S: What is your favorite event that has been hosted at The Spot?
NB: Trivia Nights are pretty fun, even though I never really know any trivia.  Lots of laughs.

S: What is your favorite drink/food downstairs?
NB: Red wine and the time The Delta Diner brought Seafood Gumbo was terrific!

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