Member Spotlight: Julie Buckles

When we first met Julie, she was getting ready to launch her first book, Paddling to Winter, and embark on a tour of speaking events and literary festivals that would take her across the country. That was almost 2 years ago.

Julie Buckles, author, journalist, mother, dogsledder and hell of a boot-camper.

Julie Buckles, author, journalist, mother, dogsledder and hell of a boot-camper.

In those two years she's helped us launch our "Wild Women Series," Cocktails & Culture, Open Mic and "Writing Home". She is a true champion of all things Spot, bringing energy, excitement and all her friends to this place--and Julie has a lot of friends. :)

We can't thank her enough for her genuine and continued support and are excited to have her once again speak in the bar on Saturday, April 18.

Q & A
What brought you to The Spot and what keeps you coming back?

Charmaine did. I started to hear about this place she was creating with a gathering place downstairs and a work out studio upstairs and I was intrigued. I had gotten really out of shape through years of having children and writing a book. In the summer of 2013, I got motivated and tracked her down after she had just opened the business. I started out by working with Charmaine one on one and eventually moved into yoga, TRX, and spin. I love them all. 

Who’s your biggest fan?
No question. My nine-year-old son, Jackson. 

Julie hanging with her biggest fan on Lake Nicaragua in December. 

Julie hanging with her biggest fan on Lake Nicaragua in December. 

Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla with fruit.

Favorite rainy day activity?
Reading on our back porch with the metal roof. If I can work a nap in as well, we have a perfect afternoon. 

Tea or Coffee?
Depends on the location. When I lived in London, I was a tea drinker. At the office, I'm all about the coffee.

What song do you love to sing in the car?
Michelle Shocked, the early years. "Memories of East Texas, and those piney green rolling hills covered in the springtime. . . "

What was the scariest thing you’ve ever done and are you glad you did it?
When I was in high school, I joined the gymnastics team but on the day of our first meet, I decided I couldn't do it. But I was too scared to tell the coach. So I got on the bus and on the ride to the meet, I kept thinking, I can quit, I can quit, I can quit. I was terrified of performing a routine in front of so many people. But, of course, I did it and won a few ribbons too. I feel healthy fear fairly often. Scariest? Paddling on Lake Superior and having children. I'm nervous this week about my talk Saturday night. 

Julie and fam at the Chicago Turkey Trot in 2014.

Julie and fam at the Chicago Turkey Trot in 2014.

How has The Spot helped you develop other fitness or wellness goals?
The Spot helped me turn around a downward trajectory. I wanted to lose weight but even more I wanted to feel fit again. I wanted to run up and down the hills with the kids and was finding myself standing at the bottom more and more. I remember emailing Charmaine after a day of sledding with the kids. We had done it. Turned it around. The energy from the instructors is incredible. I always leave feeling energized and excited about fitness. The entire staff wants you to succeed and will encourage, help you train, and cheer you on through the Birkie, the Fat Tire, or the marathon. 

What is your favorite thing on the menu downstairs?
The lime margarita.

What do you most appreciate about The Spot that maybe you weren’t expecting?
I love the upstairs, downstairs vibe. Of course, I'm a big fan of that hanging wooden-canvas canoe. And it was when I saw that canoe that I knew, I would be connected to Charmaine and Josh and The Spot in deeper ways. I had no idea when I first met with Charmaine to talk about a fitness plan that I would be organizing speakers and that I would be speaking. I had no idea that I would get the chance to order a drink, laugh with friends, then listen to a fantastic speaker every month, or that I would hang out with authors who I admire like Nickolas Butler, Peter Geye, and Patty Loew. Just saying this, I have to pinch myself.  

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