Say Hello to Terri Kramolis

We are SO excited to announce 1) that Terri Kramolis will be joining our instructing staff this October and 2) we are officially adding a "more-than-just-body-weight" class to our weekly drop-in schedule.

Lift & Tone, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm-7pm, will help us round out what we refer to as our fitness pyramid (cardio, mobility and strength) making for the most optimal combination or "recipe" of sorts for the kinds of classes we offer students at Spot Wellness. 

“The benefits of strength training go far beyond just weight loss and weight management," Terri says. "Following a regular strength training program helps to prevent bone loss due to osteoporosis. It can also slow the loss of muscle mass attributed to natural aging and may reduce the effect of many other chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.” 

Women do not have to be afraid of “bulking” up with strength training classes; following a strength training program tones and defines muscles. Building bulky muscles takes lifting heavy weights, dietary changes, protein supplementation and a lifting schedule that most of us can’t and won’t maintain.

Classes like "Lift & Tone" will help to define muscles you already have while improving overall conditioning and strength. 

Terri Kramolis is a certified Group Fitness instructor and a lifelong fitness enthusiast. Terri has been strength training for years and has been a competitive weightlifter. She believes that strength training is essential for overall health and fitness and has taught Body Pump, Lift & Tone, and Core Fitness classes for more than twenty years.

Terri is a lifelong resident of the Ashland area. She works as a nurse during the day and lives on a hobby farm where she and her husband provide forever homes to rescue horses, sheep and dogs. 

Lift & Tone
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-7pm

Lift & Tone classes are muscle conditioning classes. The workout is designed to define muscles, build endurance and promote balance and flexibility. We will use free weights and your own body weight to target and tone all your muscle groups giving special attention to your core. We will move from standing, to sitting, to the floor throughout class. Technique and form are emphasized. This class is appropriate for all levels of fitness; options for modification are given for most exercises. 

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