Special Ayurveda Workshop with Sarah Tarkington

Join Sarah Tarkington, Certified Yoga Instructor (500hr) and Certified Ayurvedic Specialist (AYS) to learn the basics of Ayurveda: A sister science of Yoga and an Ancient system of healing.

Learn about this “living science”—one that integrates modern techniques with ancient wisdom and uses a holistic and nature-based lens to create a foundation of wellness for body, mind, & spirit.

This workshop will look at how Ayurveda views time: lifespan, the seasons, even each day and night. It will also cover Ayurveda’s Daily Routine which cleanses the body, prevents the build up of toxins, helps keep the senses and mind clear, and nourishes all the senses.

You will gain tools & knowledge to help practice the Art of Daily Living to optimize health, self-knowledge, & self-care. All are welcome, you don’t need any prior yoga or Ayurveda experience to enjoy this non- movement based workshop. 

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