Craft Launch Kit on October 20

We are so excited to host Lace & Brass Events for their Craft Kit Launch night at The Spot on Thursday, October 20 at 6pm.

Along with doing craft workshops, Lace & Brass Events will also now be offering craft kits at The Spot! For this Launch Party Lace & Brass Events will have craft kits, allowing attendees to pre-purchase one of the five kits to individually put together Thursday night at The Spot.

***More from Lace & Brass on how the launch party will work***

How the Kit Works

Each kit box will include all of the supplies, tools and direction for making the particular craft you choose. 

More about the Launch Party

In order for attendees to get the craft kit experience, we will not be including drinks or favors in the kits we are pre-selling. We are simply selling tickets for the kit itself. The Spot has a full bar and pizzas available for you to purchase when you get there! We are only pre-selling 25 kits, so make sure you purchase yours for the Launch Party!

{{{After the launch Thursday, October 20th, craft kits will be available at The Spot (and other locations). You will simply arrive on a night The Spot Bar is open, choose the craft you would like to make from the display, your bartender will give you the kit and you will craft away! Once finished, you will return the craft box and any tools to the bartender. Each kit includes a gift bag for you to take your craft home in. Craft kits will periodically change, so you can try different crafts!}}}

For more information or to purchase tickets go to

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