Important announcement about the studio closing

By Charmaine Swan

This is a blog post that no owner ever wants to write.

But as difficult as it is to do, the time has come to make the news public that I am closing the studio after on Saturday, July 15, 2017. The last class will be Feel Better Yoga at 8am that morning.

The why

Since starting my yoga teacher training in 2008 and opening the Ashland Yoga Studio in 2010, it was always my vision to bring more opportunity for movement, meditation and wellness classes to Ashland and the surrounding region. Whether it was yoga, meditation, TRX, Pilates, spin, Zumba or some of our blended classes, I am proud of what we were able to build and sustain for more than 7 years.

When we expanded to our current location at The Spot in 2013, I knew I was biting off a lot more than I could comfortably chew, but I was optimistic. And pretty much until the day our youngest son was born, I felt like I had a grip on most of it. Of course, with a TON of behind the scenes help and support from my husband, Josh, our extended family and close friends, my staff and instructors. 

But things changed; maybe I didn't have as much energy (ha!), or I didn't want to miss so many bed-times and family dinners, or my ideas didn't quite prove to be profitable enough to support our growing family and cover business expenses, but for whatever reason, something had shifted. 

Owning your own business is always a mix of ups and downs, but for the last few years, it's been a struggle for me personally.

And however you believe politically, with the recent election of Donald Trump and the threat to our family's health insurance, I made the decision to apply for full-time jobs. I was lucky enough to find a fantastic position with the American Lung Association that began in March. I am back working in public health and outreach, which is what I received my Masters' degree in. 

Every day since accepting my new position, I am thankful for more stability and most importantly, more time together with my family. I feel the stress shedding off me like layers of dead skin. I want to be as present as possible in my new job and with my family, and that unfortunately, doesn't leave much space or time for running a studio with the love and passion it requires.

A few big thank yous

The success of Spot Wellness wouldn't have been possible without all of you reading this.

My amazing instructors, most loyal and wonderful clients, and even those clients who didn't always like what we did or how we did it and told us! I sure learned a lot from all of you. And probably one of the things I'm most proud of is that we, together, created a space that fostered community in a healthy and supportive way. I am very proud of that and will always be proud of that. I hope if I see you at the Black Cat, or the grocery store or on the beach, you'll say hi.

And special, public thank you to Amy Zak, our super manager extraordinaire and truly second in command but behind the scenes. You are an inspirational person and I am lucky to have gotten so many years of your time.

I will be forever grateful for the experience of getting to work side-by-side on so many projects, schedule "go-live-dates". You will always be a special part of Forrest's first years. You were, after all, the first person he smiled at!

So, I am moving forward and I hope you will support me in this decision. I am sure that you will find new places for practice and movement in your lives, if you haven't already.

I am also thankful for Jodi and the Washburn Meditation Center agreeing to honor a limited number of Spot client's unused pre-paid classes. If you are one of these people, stay tuned, you'll be getting an email with next steps soon.

Current members and clients on freeze or with Auto Pay contracts will also be getting specific emails with next steps, as well. We are doing our best to make sure no monthly payments are made past today, June 15, 2017.

And maybe the last question some will have is related to my teaching. I do not know if I will teach group classes in the future; I will re-visit my private yoga therapy sessions in the fall. For now, I know that both my family and my body needs me to take a break. 

We will continue to utilize the downstairs Gathering Space for events and private party rentals which has been working well for the past 6 months. 

I'm struck how in business we tend to celebrate the beginnings: ribbon cuttings, expansion, re-branding. And as much as the "F" word (failure) can creep into my mind, I am trying to celebrate this ending as much as is appropriate. Because it's also really sad.

With respect to that, our last class will be on Saturday, July 15 at 8am. It's my Feel Better Yoga class, appropriate for all levels and abilities, and I would like to extend this as a free class to anyone, current or past clients of the studio. 

Here's to staying grounded thru transitions, to the community of Ashland and the Chequamegon Bay. Here's to the journey of it all!



Now thru July 15, a special $5/class bulk rate for classes can purchased in-person or over the phone. Otherwise, the drop-in rate for any scheduled class our last month will be $7/class cash or check.

The downstairs Gathering Space will continue to be available for rentals and private parties. Read more here