A Time of Reflection

By Amy Zak, Studio Manager

By now you have all read about Charmaine’s personal decision to close her fitness studio after 7 incredible years. I have had a bit more time to process this news and have found myself in deep reflection for several weeks, and even months, about it.

While I am not a fan of publicity, and left any business related social media and blogging to the master herself, this blog post has been heavy on my heart and needing to be published.  

For those that know me well, I am not an outwardly social person. I prefer quiet and small places, to keep to myself, family, and small circle of connections. I am not one to workout in a group setting.  My living room and basement are more my style.

My amazing best friend and rock, Sarah Moravchik, encouraged me to try a TRX class at Charmaine’s Yoga Studio in early 2013 with her. I was hesitant but Sarah has this remarkable way of gently pulling me out of my shell. It was about the time that Charmaine was beginning her transition to her new space at Spot Wellness.  

Fast forward a few months. Sarah began teaching for Charmaine at Spot Wellness and again I found myself, sweaty palms and all, attempting a few classes thanks to Sarah and her ingenious ways. For the hundreds and hundreds of people that have taken spin class with Sarah Moravchik, you know how addicting and amazing they are! Fearful or not! You return!!!

Over the course of a few months I took the plunge and decided to pursue a membership at Spot Wellness! WHAT?!

The space, the environment, the instructors, the clients, the community was all so inviting and comforting! No judgment or competition felt at all. I felt at home! Such a beautiful place. At 36 years old, and a mother of 3, I was finding myself in the best shape of my life. I was meeting incredible and LIFELONG friends. I was discovering parts of me that I never knew existed. With the help of the running groups that were established there and the community that had been created, I eventually ran my first half marathon to be followed by my first full marathon a year later. I have Spot Wellness and Charmaine to thank and credit for all of this. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have even considered such things. In fact sometimes today I wonder if it all even really happened.  

In addition to the above experiences from a membership standpoint, I eventually was offered the privileged opportunity to work side by side with Charmaine as her studio manager from the business side.  

The last 4 years have been eye opening, exciting, learning, and grounding. Here I was, a “retired” special education teacher and stay at home mom, working part time to help run a small business. I had no experience or background in this field at all. Charmaine believed in me and invited me on board.  

I am forever grateful for this experience for so many reasons. Not only was I able to connect with a plethora of amazing and beautiful people over the years, get insight and knowledge into a field I had no previous experience in, but I was able to get a glimpse into the life of Charmaine. A younger than me woman with vast knowledge, education, background, drive, potential, and foresight. A woman who fears nothing and fears no one. A woman of risk. A woman of integrity. A woman of passion, direction, and authenticity. A FRIEND. All while raising a beautiful family, managing a home, and more.  

Charmaine, I am forever grateful for you, the space you have created, the opportunity you have given me, and the friendship we have created. You have challenged me, helped me to grow, and taught me so much in these last four years. While I am saddened to see this beautiful chapter in my life come to an end, I rest in absolute gratitude and comfort because of the opportunity that I was given and I move on to the next phase of life with trust, hope, and optimism.  

I am PROUD of you for putting your family first. You AMAZE me. I truly stand in awe of you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you are and have been. Stand true to yourself as you always have. You are simply a gem and I have the utmost respect for you.  


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